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Bonus 1:  Free Personalized Toxic Risk Report
($200 Value)
Discover your own toxin exposure, the research supporting the information and see what steps are recommended just for you including diet, detox strategies and personalized detox herbs and supplements. Dr. Pizzorno’s team worked with IQYOU to integrate his full toxin assessment and map individual solutions unique to just you!
Bonus 2:  90-Day Free Premium IQYOU Access
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Now you’re empowered to address your toxin exposure, AND to have a Science-based Smart Tool to thrive again. 13 years in development, over 20,000 corporate wellness clients have used this tool to reduce disease risks by over 50% and improve health.

Now this HIPAA health compliant tool integrates your labs and even DNA with your lifestyle information including medications, diet, toxins and more to deliver a one in a million solution, unique for you. Driven by over 30,000 medical studies and thousands of data points to simplify a health roadmap in minutes AND provide nutrient needs, food recommendations, menu planner and tools to get the most out of your health!
Bonus 3:  Special Invite -
Live Webcast with Dr. Pizzorno
Become a VIP and get exclusive access to a special Live Webcast where Dr. Joe will talk about his 50 years of medical practice which drew him to begin his 2-year deep research on toxins. Listen to live Q&A and also get your questions answered by “The Father of Science-Based Functional Medicine” and who has been called “One of the centuries most influential health pioneers.”
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Dave Asprey’s new movie Moldy – Free Screening
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You’ll receive free access to Dave Asprey, Best-selling author of The Bulletproof Diet and top iTunes podcaster Bulletproof Radio, and founder of Bulletproof Coffee brings you first access to his feature documentary called Moldy, which hasn’t been released to the public yet. Find-out about Dave’s fight with Mold Toxins and why he’s trying to get people to wake-up about mold toxins and their health.
Alternative Medicine Digital Subscription
Alternative Medicine inspires and empowers readers to take an active role in their own health, employing a holistic and integrative perspective on well-being. Backed by the strength and credibility of our peer-reviewed medical journals, Alternative Medicine blends the tradition of ancient practices with developments on the cutting edge of medicine to provide readers with an understandable, everyday approach to living and feeling well.
$25 Off Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics
Randy Hartnell is serious about his wild fresh foods. Now you can save $25 on wild salmon and other seafood, which top chefs and gourmet cooks order from around the world. Vital Choice is the first pick of JJ Virgin and many health personalities for a reason, it’s fresh and it tastes incredible!
Special Toxin and Mold Report By Dr. Ann Shippy
Dr. Shippy is a toxic mold expert and has co-published articles with Dr. Pizzorno in peer-reviewed sites like PubMed. Dr. Shippy’s report will alert you to the dangers hidden in your own home and where you live and provide guidance on steps to address this health issue.

Free Guided Meditation MP4 and 1st Book Chapter
Add a guided meditation and Holistic Healing experience into your detox program and your life. You’ll receive a downloadable audio file with the Spring Cleaning Healing Meditation Experience and the 1st Chapter of Mordechai David Naseck’s new book upon Pre-Release.
Mordechai David has been featured on TV, radio, and print nationally and globally. Mordechai David is a yoga, chi gong and meditation instructor, gourmet live food chef, Reiki master and well-known healer. Mordechai David studied Chi Gong under John Milton, the former bodyguard to the Dali Lama. He has directed yoga and meditation for the most prestigious healing centers in the world. He has assisted thousands of people in transforming their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances/blockages from a cellular level.
Now you have access to this amazing healer!

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